Bounty 9-Torg Walkthrough & Information

Bounty: 9-Torg is the primary bounty mission you’ll get within the recreation Excessive on Life.

Your goal is to retrieve a knife and execute 9-Torg who is without doubt one of the bosses within the slums.

Right here’s a walkthrough and information of Bounty: 9-Torg in Excessive on Life.

To start, discuss to Gene.

High On Life: Bounty 9-Torg Walkthrough & Guide

You’ll then have to press the bounty 5000 machine in the home.

High On Life: Bounty 9-Torg


Head to the slums

Use the waypoint data to get to the slums’ entrance.

High On Life: Bounty 9-Torg Walkthrough

You’ll see these two aliens who’re controlling the gate.

They’ll ask you if blue or pink is extra enticing or none of them. I selected blue.

High On Life: Bounty 9-Torg Guide

High On Life: Bounty 9-Torg wiki

Within the subsequent half, you’ll be able to select pink as an alternative which can make blue indignant with you. Regardless, pink will open the door for you.


Discover the slums

Head contained in the slums and simply comply with the trail as you hearken to dialogue.

You’ll meet an annoying boy on the finish. Simply bounce over him.

Destroy the drones exterior.

High On Life: Bounty 9-Torg tips

You’ll meet some ants on the slums. Kill all of them.

High On Life: Bounty 9-Torg where to go


Take out the ant goons

Observe the waypoint and also you’ll meet extra ant goons. Take them out.


Discuss to the locals

To get info, discuss to the man who’s fishing on the docks.


Discover 9-Torg’s hideout

Proceed to comply with the waypoint.

You’ll then be taught on easy methods to use the glob shot to shoot down sure partitions to kind platforms.

You can even purpose the glob shot from afar and take down some ants at a distance.


Discover the Laundromat

Observe the waypoint till you attain the laundromat.

Inside, you’ll hear some ants speaking.

Inform them you’re the customer of the knife.

They may allow you to in to examine the knife. Use it to stab each of them.


Escape with Knifey

With Knifey outfitted, now you can use the fly to exit the world.


Get to Sludgewerks

Use the waypoint once more and glob photographs to kind paths.

Take the Gatterall vegetation to acquire Gatterall. You may feed it into your gun to create extra glob photographs.

Use the cable to slip down.


Kill goons at Sludgewerks

On the backside, you’ll discover extra ant goons to kill.


Take out 9-Torg

When you’ve entered Sludgewerks, you’ll see 9-Torg and 5-Torg. The latter is caught and held on a rope.

The battle is kind of easy. Simply hold capturing at her. The knife doesn’t appear to be that good for this battle. Use the crates as safety.

You can even use glob shot at her and when she’s within the air, hold capturing to maintain her suspended within the air.

In the course of the battle, she’ll bounce into the acid and resurface just a few instances capturing laser at you.

Use the crates to cover behind the laser assault, or you’ll be able to dodge the laser.

She can even trigger the acid to stand up. You’ll then want to make use of the flies to maneuver round within the air whereas the bottom is all acid.

Do it constantly till you see that the bottom is okay once more. Rinse and repeat the identical steps.

On the finish when she’s taken out, you’ll must depend on the flies once more to remain above the acid.

After the battle, you’ll be able to select to go away 5-Torg right here or additionally kill her.

In case you kill her, the gun will congratulate you for perhaps killing a secret boss.

High On Life: Bounty 9-Torg should we kill 5-torg


Escape 9-Torg’s HQ

To depart the world, go to the large door and work together with it.


Test in with Gene

Return to the home to finish the bounty. Knifey will ask you to stab him however I refused to take action. After you submit the bounty, the choice to stab him appears to vanish.


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